Facts About ECCD

ECCD is a multi-sector approach that focuses on the early years in a child’s life and lays the foundation for learning and achieving in school. The goal of ECCD is to ensure that children from birth to 6 years reach school age healthy and well nourished, intellectually curious, socially confident and equipped with a solid foundation for lifelong learning.

PRIDE India’s approach to the ECCD programme is child friendly, family focused and community based. It consists of a two dimensional approach which focuses on improving the physical and mental well-being of the child.

  • Home Based Intervention
  • Centre based Intervention

The overall goal of project’s ECCD programmes is enhancing the family and community or neighborhood environment in which young children develop; this is necessary to reduce the vulnerability of young children, especially those living in deprivation, and improving the care and developmental support that they receive. This can be best accomplished by preventing problems and enhancing children’s resilience as well as the acquisition of skills through responsive care-giving, setting developmentally appropriate expectations, and providing stimulation to help them achieve their potential in all areas of development.

PRIDE has also been providing long-term support to the Government-run Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS). It assists in building the capacity of the teachers and enhancing the learning environment of the children by promoting creative educational materials, and organizing medical camps thus providing an enabling environment for the children to grow. With the objective of providing a practical experience PRIDE has set up its own balwadis, as a model centre which implements the best practices of ECCD. At the Balwadis or pre-school centers, children are taught language and mathematics through various activities aimed at enhancing their creativity and talent. Regular meetings and trainings are held for all caregivers or people who play a crucial and formative role in the early years of a child’s life

With over 30 years of experience in the early childhood care, the organization with its demonstrated pedagogy,reached out to a larger number of children by training the NGO partners trainers and strengthening the anganwadi’s across 6 blocks of Raigad district by training the anganwadi workers and village level volunteers. We plan to develop PRIDE as a resource agency in sharing the pedagogy with many more people and thus reach out to larger geography.