Late Mrs. Vipula Kadri

A social worker who has made a difference in the lives of millions of Indians, the late Mrs. Vipula Kadri was the founder of PRIDE INDIA, along with sister organisations SAVE THE CHILDREN INDIA (1988) and WISE (1992). Through these organisations, Mrs. Kadri spearheaded many projects in the western part of the country, mainly in Maharashtra, which gradually expanded over time to encompass other parts of the country. Up until her death in 2007, Mrs. Kadri worked tirelessly to bring relief to the poor and marginalized in our country. Whether it was underprivileged children, destitute women, or victims of natural disasters, she ensured that she did everything in her capacity to help these individuals lead more dignified lives. We here at PRIDE INDIA , feel proud to have been associated with as exemplary a woman as Mrs. Kadri, and are striving to carry on her legacy in the field of Social Development in India.

Appointments held by the Late Mrs. Vipula Kadri

  • Patron of SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai.
  • Member of the Board of Studies in SVT College of Science, Mumbai.
  • Member of Maharashtra State Social Welfare Board.
  • Recipient of the following awards
  • Distinguished Leadership Award for Outstanding Professional and Community Leadership in 1990, awarded by the American Biographical Institute, Inc.
  • Mahila Shiromani Award 1990, awarded by the Shiromani Institute, New Delhi.
  • Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad Award 1997 (Indian National Congress).
  • Award for the furtherance of Communal Harmony.