A renewed life to Shabina

Married at the age of 15 years, Shabana. F. Shaikh was one of the many victims of child marriages that still persist in rural India. She was a teen when she conceived her first born and without proper care and nutrition the child passed away within a year. This started a drift in the marital life of Shabina and frequent quarrels were a common everyday affair. The next two attempts of having a child again culminated in an unhappy ending, with both the children passing away before they turned a year old. Shabina started having nightmares and mood swings , this gave her husband another reason to abandon her at her maternal home.
With no husband and children, Shabina gradually started to go into melancholy, skipping meals and not socialising with anyone. Her parents took to all forms of traditional healing and medicines in the village for two years, but to no respite.
They reached at the Mobile Medical Unit(MMU) on 3rd November 2016. After taking a comprehensive history from her mother, the doctor at the MMU diagnosed her as a case of severe depression. He prescribed anti depressants and anti psychotic drugs and she underwent counselling by the doctor.
Within 15 days of receiving the treatment Shabina has slowly started recovering from her state. She started taking her meals and talking to her family. The doctor at the MMU is very happy to see the progress that Shabina has made in the last two months , he says “I see a 60% improvement from her initial state and am confident she will recover soon”. Shabina’s parents are thankful to PRIDE India team at the MMU for helping Shabina to make progress.