A safe and happy motherhood to Sushma

On a hot day in April at wake of dusk, Deepak was anxiously trying to get through SPARSH requesting for ambulance. Deepak and his wife Sushma a resident of Murum, a tiny village about 28 kms away from SPARSH were apprehensively waiting to become parents to their first child. Deepak the sole bread winner of the family earns his living by doing labour work at the Murum Market Yard.
The ambulance and the staff promptly reached Deepaks place and brought a full term pregnant Sushma to SPARSH. After the medical investigation on arrival Sushma underwent a partograph and other medical test which depicted that she was under high risk. She suffered pregnancy induced hypertension and there was a great chance of having convulsions’ because of high BP. The test also showed that the baby is under stress and should be delivered soon. The doctors and staff at SPARSH immediately started preparing for the delivery. Being a high risk mother (having health complications) and a first delivery Sushma and her husband were restless and worried through the time. After hours she delivered normally and safely a healthy male child. Sushma was kept under observation for 4-5 days after the delivery to bring her blood pressure under control & her baby was given appropriate childcare necessary for the newborns