The PRIDE India aims to unlock the true potential of the Cashew and Mango Yielding lands of Ratnagiri, in the scenic Konkan region. Through our innovative approach and unwavering support, we have empowered local farmers to transform their raw agricultural yield into a wide range of high-quality products. By adopting a farm-to-fork approach the cultivators receive all of the profits by cutting out the middlemen.


Recognizing the immense potential of this region, we have provided farmers with state-of-the-art processing machinery, Financial Training and aid, Marketing and Business Training along with mentors for assistance throughout the business cycle.

With our guidance and assistance, farmers have been able to diversify their product range and tap into new market opportunities. They are now able to produce a variety of value-added products such as multiple flavored cashews, delectable cashew sweets, tantalizing fruit pulps, aromatic powdered spices, versatile flour varieties, and mouthwatering pickles.

But our impact goes beyond providing machinery and equipment. We have inspired farmers to unite and form farmer producers organizations, enabling them to collectively market and sell their products. By cutting out middlemen and establishing direct connections with consumers, farmers can now receive the most favorable prices for their goods. This transformation has empowered farmers to become entrepreneurs, ensuring that they reap the maximum profits from their hard work and dedication.

Moreover, we have taken it upon ourselves to educate and assist farmers in various aspects of business management. We have provided training and guidance on topics such as financial management, market research, branding, packaging, and distribution. By equipping farmers with these essential skills, we are not only helping them become successful businessmen but also building a sustainable agricultural ecosystem in the region.