The goal of PRlDE’s livelihood programme is to nurture and convert a pool of unskilled rural youth aged 15-24 years into a valuable resource for the community. To further this goal, we help them achieve their aspirations by enabling them to acquire skills and encourage them to start their own enterprises. We conduct customized trainings for young women and men keeping their interests and requirements as our priority. Additionally, we establish linkages with other training institutes to be able to serve the needs of our communities in a structured manner.


  1. Vocational training for youth
  2. Soft skill training for job recliners
  3. Support for micro enterprises
  4. Farm based livelihood through bamboo resource development in wastelands

In the initial years, PRIDE. has provided livelihoods for countless beneficiaries through loans provided for setting up grocery shops, cattle rearing facilities, small orchards, flour mills through its Entrepreneurial Development Programme (EDP) and its Micro-enterprise Development (MED) programme, To date, 671 beneficiaries have been given financial assistance for purchasing cattle, 134 for starting small orchards, and 257 for strengthening small business units.

PRIDE has also been running a Dairy Development Programme since 2004, which has till date reached out to over 350 beneficiaries. One of PRIDE.’s major successes lies in the reduction in the levels of migration of the local people to nearby towns and cities due to the creation of employment opportunities at the village level.