Our little hero – Akash

Akash Baliram Jadhav is a 13 years old native of Shirgur, Bidardist in Karnataka state. Akash became orphan at the age of 5 years when his parents passed away due to HIV infection leaving behind Akash with the infection. ‘After his parents demise Akash feels very lonely and always misses his mother’ as says Akash’s grandmother.
The financial conditions at his grandparent’s house were also not so positive. They struggled to make ends meet but ensured that Akash is taken care off. They came to know about the SPARSH CCC and nutrition support programme from the outreach team. In the month of April, 2015 little Akash was bought to CCC by his grandmother with complaints of weakness and other health problems. His CD4 and weight was found to be very low. The CCC team provided medical services and enrolled him on special nutrition diet program. The professional counselor counseled his grandmother on his current health status and gave information on importance of CCC and nutritional diet program. After enrolling for the CCC service Akash availed the ART Treatment family counseling, nutrition, regular health check up under doctor observation and periodic home visits.
After receiving all services from CCC, positive changes have been witnessed in the Akash’s health status. Now his CD4 has increased from 52 to 500 and weight gained up to 39kg from 34 kg which is a significant achievement . Akash is very happy and regularly takes the nutrition diet and medicines. He is also regularly going to school. His family thanks the CCC team and their work for providing social security, medicines and psychological support to overcome their fears. We are happy to see Akash healthy and engaging in his favourite sport – cricket and continuing to avail the CCC services.