Pradnya – a fighter!

Born and raised in humble farmer family Pradnya went through many difficult times early in life. She became an orphan in 2007 when her parents passed away due to AIDS. Subsequently, when she started living with her grandparents a severe drought in the region rendered the family into financial crisis. The situation made things worse for the 15 year old Pradnya, whose grandparents were not even able to provide her nutritious food which is vital for an HIV+ patient . Her condition became poorer day by day and she started facing medical problems such as weakness, weight loss and her CD4 went low rapidly, she also was irregular in school.

In Oct’ 2014 her grandparents became aware of PRIDE India’s Community Care Centre (CCC) for HIV patients through our outreach worker, they relaised it also provides a customised nutrition programme. Without delay , they enrolled Pradnya for CCC and availed the counseling services, medical treatment and nutrition support. After one year of regular treatment they started seeing considerable changes in her. Her weight increased from 21 kg to 37 kg; height increased 130 cm to 141 cm and CD4 count from 122 to 591. Today, she regularly comes to visits the CCC for nutrition and ART medicine and undergoes her health check up periodically.
Her improved health boosted her confidence and Pradnya successfully completed S.S.C (10thStd) and secured76% marks. On 25th June’16 PRIDE India SPARSH hospital appreciated her with a trophy and congratulated her for her success. An elated Pradnya says “Thank you for supporting me to reach this stage. I could have never dreamt about being alive to see this day”